Máy kiểm tra ionizer Monroe 288B (Đen, Hoa Kỳ, Kim loại)

  • 288B

Máy kiểm tra ionizer Monroe 288B

Kim loại
Hoa Kỳ

Máy kiểm tra ionizer Monroe 288B

Model 288B Charge Plate Analyzer

Voltmeter technology applied Charge Plate Monitor
all kinds of ionizer Measurable
large, intuitive LCD Display Panel
in connection with the Computer Monitoring and control equipment can be
a powerful software Gulf Model 288


  • Decay Time Test and Ion Balance Test
  • Charge Plate and main body can be separated
  • Plate cable extension
  • High Accuracy: 100V이내에서 0.1V Resolution
  • Can operate with AC power and battery
  • Product Components
    • Model 288 Charge Plate Analyzer
    • Optional : Carrying Case, 1" x 1" Plate, KEY Soft Ware

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