Excelta- Vacuum Pens PV-1-ESD-CNX (USA, White, Plastic)

Excelta- Vacuum Pens PV-1-ESD-CNX


Excelta- Vacuum Pens PV-1-ESD-CNX

Pen vacs are simple, intuitive tools that use an internal bellows to create vacuum when a button is pressed and held.

These vacuum tools are ESD Safe (1011-1012 ohms/sq) and several models feature rear storage compartments.

There is a bellows inside that creates the vacuum.

PV-1-ESD-CNX includes PV-JR, PVS-CB-12, PVB-CB-12, CB-14, CB-38
PV-2A-ESD includes PV-ST, PVB-CB-18, PVB-CB-14, PVB-CB-38,PVS-CB-18,PVS-CB-14,PVS-CB-38
PV-2-ESD includes PV-ST, PVB-CB-14, PVB-CB-18
PV-3A-ESD includes PV-JR, PVB-CB-18, PVB-CB-14, PVB-CB-38, PVS-CB-18, PVS-CB-14,PVS-CB-38
PV-10 Vacula® includes CB-14, CB-38, CB-12


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