UNION - Electrode polishing machine UGS-031C (Japan, Gray, Metal)

UNION - Electrode polishing machine UGS-031C


UNION - Electrode polishing machine UGS-031C

Electrode polishing machine UGS-031C

The polishing wheel uses a diamond wheel with high components, wear is also small, you can polish the electrode shape that you want.

The speed of polishing can be adjusted, and the polishing of the electrode according to your wishes can be realized by adjusting the polishing speed for different electrode materials.

Automatic protection function that can cope with overheating is attached.In order to prevent motor overheating during long hours of work, the polishing machine can be safely polished with the function of stopping automatically when it reachs a certain temperature.

This machine is a dedicated measure for fine-diameter electrode tip polishing.

Depending on the shape of the polishing wheel, the tip can be flat or R-shaped polishing.

By green felt, the finish can be mirror finish.


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