Máy phân tích phân giã ion hóa PGA-710B (Đen, Đức, Kim loại)

Máy phân tích phân giã ion hóa PGA-710B

Kim loại

Máy phân tích phân giã ion hóa PGA-710B

PGA-710B Autoanalysis System Set


Measurement, storage, analysis, and report generation function
Analyze occurrence and analysis of human body generation
Ionizer Decay Test analysis and report
Decay time analysis and report of static dispersion


  • ANSI / ESD S20.20 Control Program Standard Requirements Measurement
  • -Analysis of voltage generation of human charging
  • -Voltage measurement analysis according to shoe and antistatic floor combination
  • -Various Decay Test
  • Data storage using internal memory
  • Can be charged using DC Adapter and USB Port

Product Components

  • PGA-710B Autoanalyzer
  • PGA-710 USB Cable
  • PGA-710 Analog Cable
  • PGA-710 Charge Generation Lead
  • PGA-710CC Input Shorting Shunt
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • PFA-861-H-Hand Wand
  • PGA-710 Application Software
  • User Manual
  • How to Measure Manual

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