Máy hàn QK101

Máy hàn QK101

Xuất xứ:Quick

Thông tin:

1. At most 64 units can be connected to one computer for group management.

2. Sensor close to the tip, rapid thermal recovery.
3. Calibrate temperature digitally and easily.
4. Large LCD design for displaying two temperatures.
5. New appearance and compact structure.
6. Range of temperature limits can be set according to requirements.The station will alarm if temperature exceeds the limit.
7. Auto-sleeping time and shut-off time can be set.
8. Temperature locked by password.
9. Safe and reliable grounding method is used to avoid changes of tip-to-groundresistance and tip-to-ground potential during soldering process.
10. Separate design of heater and soldering tip, and low cost of replacing spare parts.
11. ESD safe design.


Power consumption90W
Output voltageAC 36V 400K Hz
Temperature range50℃-500℃
Ambient temperature(max)40℃
Temperature stability±2℃(stationary air, no load)
Connection mannerRs485
Max quantity of the unit connecting to PC≤64 units
Tip to ground resistance< 2Ω
Tip to ground potential< 2mV
Heating elementElectromagnetic element
Weight(no power cord)About 2.1kg

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