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Sehan - máy bắt vít K250P

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  • Mr. Hưng 0983.327.989
  • Mr. Hải 0983.680.082
  • Ms.Hằng 0987.850.104
  • Pls contact for detail

Detailed Description

■ High efficiency motor torque by employing a wide range 
■  KT-38D in the overvoltage, overload, overheat protection circuit 
■ Easy to control the torque by replacing the more suitable spring
■ ESD free Housing , Pistol grips are optional

Series features

■ Full ergonomic design
■ High torque range
■ Powered with Safety Low voltage
■ ESD free by body grounding
■ Separated power controller
■ Torque accuracy 3%
■ International connector for power cord
■ Speed control (HI / LOW)
■ Turn over switch by Push or Slide
■ Anti-slip coating gripㅁ
■ Bit socket :  A (6.35 Hex) -type or B (5¢)-type

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