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Weld head UHD-537 and UHD-601

Mã sản phẩm UHD-537, UHD-601
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Weld head UHD-537 and UHD-601

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Weld head  UHD-537 and   UHD-601

UHD-537  Welding head
UHD-448  4 point nugget at the same time

Multiple groups of 18650 batteries and connecting battery
plate the pressurization followed pressure mechanism which
can 4pionts press at the same time .
4 shaft are lightweight structure, the pressure of
4 points  can be adjusted independently, through welding sensor signal,
the result outputt  confirm the best time,
which  achieve an uniform stable welding.


UHD-601 Welding head

Because the movements of the welding head  without
shaking, even if it works a long time ,will also
achieve a stable welding. It is suitable for the thick
copper welding twisting etc.

LED lead bonding,Sensor,Lead wire of
the motor,carbon brush,Lead wire,
Resistor,Frequency components,
Automobile switch,Automobile motor,
Car headlights,Horn.

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