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SRS QCM-200 Crystals for Liquid Monitoring

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SRS QCM-200 Crystals for Liquid Monitoring

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SRS QCM-200 Crystals for Liquid Monitoring



These 1” diameter AT cut polished ​quartz crystal sensors are compatible with Maxtek PM 700 series, RQCM monitors, PLO-10i,
and Stanford Research Systems (SRS) QCM100 QCM200 and EQCM quartz crystal microbalance systems.


Essentially, these are AT-cut crystals very much like standard vacuum monitor crystals, with four exceptions:

  1. the diameter is larger, allowing for a very clean resonance spectrum and resulting measurement stability.
  2. the crystals are flat, unlike the planoconvex design of a vacuum monitor blank.
  3. the crystals are often polished on both sides, to minimize the “dragging” of water by the crystal surface during oscillation and 4) the electrode pattern is a wrap around design, which means that the crystal can be completely contacted electrically from one side. This latter feature is a necessity since the crystal sensor head must be submerged in water. An O-ring seal is incorporated in liquid monitor sensor heads to prevent electrical shorting.

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