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Máy hàn QK202 và QK202ESD

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Máy hàn QK202 và QK202ESD

Xuất xứ:Quick

Thông tin:


1. Switching power supply, can prevent the unit from being damaged,

such as shot circuit protection, overheating protection, overpowering.

Power output will not vary with the change of voltage fluctuation.

2. Fast heating and rapid thermal recovery; suitable for lead free soldering.

3. If temperature exceeds the limit set by the operator,

the unit will alarm (50℃ above or below the set temperature).

4. Temperature locking function available.

5. Calibrate temperature manually.

6. ESD safe by design.

7. Various types of tips available.

Specifications QUICK202 
Power Consumption 90W
Output Voltage DC 48V 400KHz
Temperature Range 200-450 80℃-480℃
Auto Sleeping Time --- 0-99 min(adjustable)
Shut-off Time --- 0-99 min(adjustable)
Range of Sleeping Temp --- 50℃-250℃
Ambient Temperature(max) 40℃
Temperature Stability ±2℃(stationary air, no load)
Dimensions 155(L)*78(W)*120(H)mm
Weight(no power cord) About 1.0kg

Soldering iron (of QUICK202 ESD / QUICK202D ESD)

Power Consumption DC48V 80W
Tip to Ground Resistance <2Ω
Tip to Ground Potential <2mV
Heating Element Electromagnetic element
Handle Length(no power cord) 180mm
Weight 120g

Replaceable Tips

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